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    The Selfie Mirror

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    Snap The Perfect Photo/Video Everytime

    • Material: HD Glass mirror surface. Aluminum frame.
    • High Quality photos/videos- Acheive high quality photos without the hassle. 
    • Portable BF- The Selfie Mirror is like having a portable BF except you get the perfect photo everytime!
    • Reusable NANO stickerThe SelfieMirror can be placed on your phone whenever you need it and re-attached at any time.

    • Saves Storage- Eliminate the need to delete hundreds of photos and still not find the perfect one.


    Is it stuck using a magnet?

    No, The Selfie Mirror uses a strong Nano sticking pad. This means while it's on your phone, it will stay on even if it's in your pocket or being knocked. 

    It can be washed with water and restuck on to your phone.

    Does it work on phone cases?

    Yes! We have tested The Selfie Mirror on all types of cases and found that because of how light it is and the strength of the sticking pad that it works on all cases!

    Will it leave a sticky residue on my phone when I take it off?

    No, the product we have made uses a pad to stick, but if you find any sticky stuff on your phone it can easily be wiped of with a towel/cloth!

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